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Vanity Dress Sizing.
Have you ever tried on a dress in what you think is your size in one store, then when you went next door you find you're a size smaller? You could be a victim of 'vanity sizing', where stores design and make clothes that are a little larger than the actual size, making you feel better about buying from them. After all, how many of us like the size label when it's a little bit smaller?
M&S have been found guilty of tampering with their sizing from their online products - this would really annoy me if I'd just bought the wrong size each time and I should have gotten one smaller...
An M&S spokesman said: 'We are not sweetening the sizes or softening the blow for anyone but we tweaked the sizes on our website so they are based on an average body.'
However, the altered sizes have mainly occurred in shops that sell to a more mature audience, and so it could be argued that their reasoning is that a size 12 for a 20 year old is very different to an age 50 size 12.
Until not long ago, many stores were using the old 1950s sizing for their clothing - can you imagine how much our bodies have altered over 60 years? But changing the sizes to up to two inches bigger and calling it the next size down? It may make you feel better, but it's really not true. If you say you're a happy size 10 in M&S, but you're actually a size 12, are you going to decide to eat more unhealthily and become a 14? Well it's ok, you can still fit into a size 12...

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