Gucci & Mark Ronson

Sneaker in our midst.

The store has finally arrived in Covent Garden - Gucci's Icon Temporary store created in collaboration with music man Mark Ronson has opened it's doors to sell 18 exclusive pairs of sneakers, 2 for women, 15 for men and one special Gucci Ronson style.
After the release of their Gucci iPhone app (and it's success) and their Facebook page, Gucci's attempt at enticing a younger audience seems to be working, except that they're not necessarily buying the sneakers. Brands are trying to become a voice in a consumer's head, but are they going about it in the right way? When I think of sneakers, the first thing in my head would be Gucci because of this campaign and because I study fashion, but what about the next person? Would they think Nike?
Burberry for example created 'Art of the Trench', promoting their iconic trench coat - Hermes always promote their scarves. So how successful will Gucci be in promoting sneakers when they're better known for their leather and, more recently, that covetable white Panama hat? Not that I have anything against Mark Ronson, but he just seems like a bit of an odd choice to attach to Gucci, is that just me? It seems like Gucci is rebranding itself in a completely different direction, with the only common element being the green and red flashes of colour.

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