Underwear Gaultier

Outerwear becomes underwear.
Jean Paul Gaultier has teamed up with La Perla to create an underwear collection for release in November this year.

The bra in this set reminds me of the outerwear Gaultier designed for Madonna, although a little more practical. By the way, what's wrong with her leg in the image above? Looks a little twisted.

It's surprising that Jean Paul Gaultier hasn't ventured out into the lingerie department before, considering his focus on underwear in all his womenswear. I guess when you're famous for making underwear to go on top, there's no need to dive in to the lingerie market, as you've already attracted the type of woman that wouldn't want to cover up.


Viktor & Rolf - La Roux

Viktor & Rolf's La Roux Muse
Viktor & Rolf have found their muse in La Roux's Elly Jackson.

I just love this photo of La Roux at the Viktor and Rolf Spring Summer 11 Menswear show in Milan - she pretty much embodies the brand while pulling off the Buddy Holly look in a modern way. The star, Elly Jackson, performed In for the Kill and Bulletproof for the show while wearing pieces from the collection.

"Fashion and music have always gone hand-in-hand and this was an opportunity to do something different with the songs and in a completely different setting," Jackson told Vogue.com. "It was very intimate and very exposed. There was a real sense of two creative worlds coming together."

Out of all the celebrities Viktor & Rolf could have chosen as their muse, I believe they've got it perfect with La Roux's Elly Jackson, especially when she wears the designer's iconic thick framed glasses.


Burberry New Campaign Images

Bring on Burberry.

The latest Burberry Autumn Winter 2010 campaign has arrived with an all British cast.

I also recommend the interactive versions of the campaign
Click the links below to find out more, or visit http://www.Burberry.com/ and use the right hand menu.
Use your mouse to move the models back and forth and the camera left and right. An interesting campaign and a forward thinking way of presenting their latest collection. Burberry just keeps on being ahead of the rest.
It would be nice for the images to be more interactive though, where you can select the items being worn by the models and buy them immediately.


The cast of the Burberry campaign consists of model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley with her English rose look, Gwilym Gold, lead vocalist of 'Golden Silvers', Nina Porter, actor Douglas Booth, Sam Rollinson, lead vocalist of The Cheek Rory Cottham, Charlotte Wiggins, the iconic blond from the Burberry shows Thomas Penfound, music producer Caspar Smyth, singer of Avius, Seb Brice and Samuel Fry, vocalist of Life on Film.


Alexander McQueen

View the show here.


D&G Menswear

More Live Stream from D&G Menswear.
View the live stream on their site here

Prada Menswear SS2011


Watch the Prada Menswear Spring Summer 2011 show at www.prada.com


Burberry Menswear SS2011

Burberry Live.
Burberry Prorsum will be showcasing their menswear Spring Summer 2011 at 2pm so quick,click here to view.

Outerwear and accessories will be available to order straight from the runway.


Topshop Blow Dry Bar

Up for a quick blow job?
Hershesons Salon has set up shop within the Oxford Street branch of Topshop - and not a pair of scissors in sight. For £22 you can select a style, then get your hair washed and blow dried within 30 minutes. You might be wondering, when will such an occasion occur that I will be shopping and need to have my hair done? Well, it seems as though lately many shoppers are buying for the moment, buying in the day to wear something in the evening, and simply impulse buying. It wasn't exactly busy, but if you know it's there and want to get your hair done without going near a pair of scissors and you want it done by a professional salon, the blow dry bar seems like a good option.


Tamara Mellon

The Choo Empire.
Tamara Mellon, stiletto mogul and a hit on the UK rich list, is soon to be commended by the Queen as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), and so a little dedication is in order.
As one of the It girls that became one of the most successful business women of the 21st century, Mellon has not only faced trials with her former husband Matthew Mellon (for email snooping of all things) as well as her own mother, former Chanel model Ann Yeardye, and had the paparazzi breathing down her neck during her affairs, and has had a very public admittance into rehab, but has also had to deal with the issues of the company she co-founded in 1996 - Jimmy Choo.

Accused of causing a backstabbing move by creative director Sandra Choi on her uncle (Jimmy Choo), and accusing her mother of stealing from the company has meant that her career hasn't exactly been clear sailing, but the woman just won't let down. Not only has she fought off suits throwing numbers in her face and threatening her position, forcing her to cut her holiday short to start a battle plan (which included the collaboration with high street brand H&M), she's somewhat brutally forced the buying and selling of the portions of her company in order to increase it's value, despite family and friends.
Tamara Mellon shot by Deborah Anderson

Powerful women such as Mellon are either loved or hated - with nothing in between. You're either jealous of her and admire her, or jealous of her and so hate her. Oh, and being on the arm of Christian Slater only makes us more jealous. Did I mention she was over 50? Jealous yet?

"At the end of the day, the person who has the money has the control."

- Tamara Mellon.


Fst Fshn

Zara ahead.
Last week, its parent company Inditex posted a 63 per cent jump in quarterly net profit. Zara is now the world's biggest fashion brand in terms of revenue, worn by working women everywhere - as well as by the likes of Samantha Cameron, Tess Daly and Princess Letizia of Spain.

Zara's amazing production routine means that you can buy trends from catwalks, the street or anywhere else within 2 weeks of it being seen by the Zara scouts. Having something that fast means that when you buy now, you're buying for the next season.
But is Zara turning their fast fashion into fast fashion? Is everything they're creating now more about profit than quality, resulting in throwaway fashion?
Zara has never been seen as one to follow what others on the high street are up to, and generally follow their own path, but recently, as Liz Jones has commented, their fabrics are not what they used to be, and neither are their prices. While some would argue that spending less on something in Zara than you used to is a good thing, it's really not when you consider the quality.

I've just been on a trip to New York, and I really don't believe the rumours that it's good shopping. Yes, you can pay £4,000 for designer at Saks, but why go to NYC when you can go to Selfridges - it's not exactly cheaper anymore with this recession.
I visited the Zara on 5th Avenue, and it had different products to the UK because Zara tends to be selective about their products and where it will sell, but they weren't anything special. Granted I was more interested in the clothing in Zara than Macy's, I still didn't buy anything. I had made a pact with myself not to buy anything jersey or anything that seemed to be a cheap, nasty fabric. Unfortunately, this meant a quick shop in Zara - even items I thought were cotton turned out to be manufactured fabrics. Since when did everything have to be a cheap fabric? I really didn't expect Zara to follow on the throwaway fashion bandwagon, but it seems they have for the sake of lowering their prices and increasing profits.

It seems the next step for high street brands is to step out of the cheap, nasty fabrics for a cheap nasty price, and stand out as something new, simply by offering natural fabrics for a price that's a little bit higher. I have a shirt from Zara that I'd bought maybe 5 or 6 years ago, made from cotton, and it's still intact. I probably couldn't say the same about the products they're offering now.

By the way, don't buy sandals by American brands, they make your feet look weird. Just to let you know.



New Website functional
(Minus the news page) full of portfolio imagery and cv data

View site here

Many thanks to Mr James Butler for his help. View his website here.



A Summer of Rankin
I think there's a sign that I should be concentrating on Rankin at the moment. Firstly, an email in my inbox about his new exhibition in Kentish Town:

We'd just like to tell you about Rankin's new exhibition, 'Portraits', which launches on 17th June at Annroy Gallery in Kentish Town. Celebrating the icons of our generation, from politicians to actors, monarchs to musicians, 'Portraits' unites some of Rankin's most recognisable portraiture with a collection of unseen works. Subjects include Lily Allen, Katy Perry, Kelis, Pete Doherty, Gordon Brown and Ricky Gervais amongst others - all details are attached.
Hope you can make it down!
From Annroy Gallery

'Portraits' is an exhibition I'm intent on seeing upon my return from NYC, mainly so that I can drool over the following image (which has now been set as my desktop background).
One thing I love about Rankin as a photographer is how he interacts not only with celebrities and magazines, but with the public and those just starting out. I had heard a rumour in November last year that Rankin would be at Graduate Fashion Week, and it has now been revealed that he has been busy photographing some of the new pieces about to go on show from Sunday 6th June.

"I really enjoyed this shoot. There was a stunning array of truly innovative and often outrageous designs and stylist Katie Shillingford did a great job choosing the top ten looks," explains Rankin. "It was incredibly easy to shoot the clothes - each piece was so beautiful and full of character. I'm sure among the 2010 graduates we will see a designer that will catch the fashion world's imagination."

Remember to catch the UCA show on Sunday 6th June at 8pm. Tickets are available from the GFW website.