Tamara Mellon

The Choo Empire.
Tamara Mellon, stiletto mogul and a hit on the UK rich list, is soon to be commended by the Queen as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), and so a little dedication is in order.
As one of the It girls that became one of the most successful business women of the 21st century, Mellon has not only faced trials with her former husband Matthew Mellon (for email snooping of all things) as well as her own mother, former Chanel model Ann Yeardye, and had the paparazzi breathing down her neck during her affairs, and has had a very public admittance into rehab, but has also had to deal with the issues of the company she co-founded in 1996 - Jimmy Choo.

Accused of causing a backstabbing move by creative director Sandra Choi on her uncle (Jimmy Choo), and accusing her mother of stealing from the company has meant that her career hasn't exactly been clear sailing, but the woman just won't let down. Not only has she fought off suits throwing numbers in her face and threatening her position, forcing her to cut her holiday short to start a battle plan (which included the collaboration with high street brand H&M), she's somewhat brutally forced the buying and selling of the portions of her company in order to increase it's value, despite family and friends.
Tamara Mellon shot by Deborah Anderson

Powerful women such as Mellon are either loved or hated - with nothing in between. You're either jealous of her and admire her, or jealous of her and so hate her. Oh, and being on the arm of Christian Slater only makes us more jealous. Did I mention she was over 50? Jealous yet?

"At the end of the day, the person who has the money has the control."

- Tamara Mellon.

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