A Summer of Rankin
I think there's a sign that I should be concentrating on Rankin at the moment. Firstly, an email in my inbox about his new exhibition in Kentish Town:

We'd just like to tell you about Rankin's new exhibition, 'Portraits', which launches on 17th June at Annroy Gallery in Kentish Town. Celebrating the icons of our generation, from politicians to actors, monarchs to musicians, 'Portraits' unites some of Rankin's most recognisable portraiture with a collection of unseen works. Subjects include Lily Allen, Katy Perry, Kelis, Pete Doherty, Gordon Brown and Ricky Gervais amongst others - all details are attached.
Hope you can make it down!
From Annroy Gallery

'Portraits' is an exhibition I'm intent on seeing upon my return from NYC, mainly so that I can drool over the following image (which has now been set as my desktop background).
One thing I love about Rankin as a photographer is how he interacts not only with celebrities and magazines, but with the public and those just starting out. I had heard a rumour in November last year that Rankin would be at Graduate Fashion Week, and it has now been revealed that he has been busy photographing some of the new pieces about to go on show from Sunday 6th June.

"I really enjoyed this shoot. There was a stunning array of truly innovative and often outrageous designs and stylist Katie Shillingford did a great job choosing the top ten looks," explains Rankin. "It was incredibly easy to shoot the clothes - each piece was so beautiful and full of character. I'm sure among the 2010 graduates we will see a designer that will catch the fashion world's imagination."

Remember to catch the UCA show on Sunday 6th June at 8pm. Tickets are available from the GFW website.

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