Hermès J'aime mon carré

How To Hermès.
Hermès has decided that it's not enough to have a renowned name for themselves - it's time to get new customers and promotion is the key. J'aime mon carré, or 'I love my scarf' to the non French speaking Brits, will be a new collection launched in September on their under construction website.

Hermès will also launch a fanzine and hold promotional events in order to gain loyalty from a younger market - and so the prints will be bold, colourful and not necessarily as classic as their other collections.

The label has recruited British photographer Matt Irwin and stylist Francesca Burns to create the fanzine project with four women wearing their favourite scarves in New York, Paris, London and Tokyo.

The brand is also going to offer a 'How To' section on their website, showing women how to tie knots and wear the scarves. What's interesting about this, is it was very privileged information that was only gifted once a Hermès had been purchased in the form of a tiny little book. Hermès is one of few brands that is currently standing out because they've pulled down their exclusive barriers and are welcoming a new type of customer. Remember Liberty's selling Hermès scarves? Instead of holding them on display behind closed doors, they encouraged the customers to hold the scarves, and offered workshops on how to tie them. Perhaps they realised that going digital and promoting their new innovative 'touch me try me' attitude would pay off.

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  1. I like what they're doing. It may be aiming at a younger customer but it has high production values and for me that's the crucial point.