Wrangler Europe Site

Wrangling it in.
The original Wrangler Blue Bell website was definitely something new when it came out about 6 months ago, but it wasn't something that other brands picked up on. Perhaps they weren't too keen on the idea of removing the clothing rather than trying to put it on customers. So Wrangler learned from their own, and created a new interactive flash website, with what seems to be more of a story.
Perhaps I'm enjoying this because I'm watching it late at night, and so the dark screen is really worth it (I'll have to take a look at it in the morning and see whether it has the same effect a second time round) but it just seems to be so effective that the clothes look better quality than even competitors such as Diesel and Lee.
You can download individual frames, publish them on your facebook or your twitter page, but this isn't exactly very useful - you're not getting anything out of posting a picture except a nice image of a rugged looking man for your friends to look at... like I said, not very useful.

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