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Another show to be broadcast live, is this the new fashion show?

With Burberry Prorsum broadcasting their show today at http://live.burberry.com/ it's no wonder other brands have felt the need to catch up. Prada will be streaming their live show on Prada.com, a full flash website, so it will be interesting to find out if it will have the same problem as McQueen. All shows are 1hr behind the stated time:

Emporio Armani

Live show to be streamed at 4:30pm (3:30pm GMT), Saturday 16th January 2010
(by the way I actually HATE the design of the live website, who really thought a pukey yellow and blue would go together on a dark marsh background? I don't really want to visit this site)


Live show to be streamed at 6pm (5pm GMT), Saturday 16th January 2010


Live show to be streamed at 6pm (5pmGMT), Sunday 17th January 2010.

Notice that Emporio Armani and Burberry are on the same day, hours apart, and remember what happened with both Alexander McQueen and Burberry's Spring Summer 2010 RTW collections... as all fashion shows do, they started late.

What works about the online show is that you wouldn't have to choose one or the other, you would be able to just switch websites rather than have to take public transport or a taxi in Milan to the next location. Perhaps it would be easier for the press?
I read about Roland Mouret broadcasting his SS10 collection online, but instead he'd allowed multiple webcam views, so it seemed more like watching security cameras, but you could choose your own view of the show. It will be interesting to see if any of the AW10 Menswear shows will do more than just play a tape they will later put up on ftv.
Gareth Pugh has been the only one thus far to completely replace his show with technology when he created a video with Ruth Hogben and SHOWstudio for his Autumn Winter 2009 collection, and simply pressed play instead of having models running down a catwalk. If I was press attending that show, I'd be very pissed off if what I'd seen was exactly the same as what someone at home could have seen in their pjs with a cup of tea.

So is this the future of the fashion show? Is it something that is going to carry on with designer brands because they feel they have to do it in order to catch up with everyone else, or will it eventually fade? If it became commonplace for every brand showing at fashion week to put their show online, would it be as interesting? What happens if by 2012 collections it's compulsory; will there be no more press turning up to the show because they'll all watching online? In fairness, the audience of the fashion show could completely shift backwards to how it was in the 1950s; intended for consumers. Press could, and I mean could here, be shunned from shows and only people who buy the collections will be present, and they can order straight away, with the number of guests deducing the popularity of the designer, not the hype created by the press. Brands are going to have to find a new way of promoting the online show than just sending emails and telling Vogue about it.

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