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Henry Holland joins the blog fun.
Designer Henry Holland of The House of Holland has been confirmed as the latest blogger for Vogue.co.uk. But why?
I've read blogs by Vogue and Marie Claire, and it has never been the same as blogs created on Blogger and Wordpress. The question is, which do you prefer? The online magazine websites have information you'd usually find within the news pages of the magazine, with their blogs as something a little extra, an insight into someone else's point of view. But it's never quite as honest or broad as the public point of view on fashion lifestyle. I find random little blogs the best ones to read, mainly because they're honest on their opinions, and it's a completely new switch from original journalism who, let's face it, know and do everything.

So why have Vogue enlisted Henry Holland? A while back Vogue magazine included an article describing his step by step timetable for a day. So this is basically an extra long twitter post...by a celebrity who happens to be famous for fashion. I'm sure there are plenty who would read it, and Holland is probably being paid a bomb to do it, but is it the new form of blog?

You can catch the blog here, and make up your own mind on it.

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  1. Hi, I am not a lover of Holland and his horrid slogan t-shirts however I do like him stocking tights.
    I will not be reading what he gets up to and all the name-dropping he will be doing.
    Your blog is really lovely.
    I would like to follow it but I’m not sure how.
    Elle.B x