Burberry Prorsum Autumn Winter 2010

Burberry Beautiful
Before I get to updating my blog with the wonders of London Fashion Week, I first wanted to pride my page with the likes of the Burberry show as it deserves a special mention, and I can't wait until I've posted my LFW report to put it up.
The show was both live streamed across the world and shown in capitals in 3D in cinemas, and so it was hard to miss out on such an event. After the popularity of the previous collection it made sense for Burberry to continue showing their collection in London to relate to it's heritage.
The clothing itself was beautiful, and pretty much the Menswear of AW10 shaped for a woman, so I'm very pleased with that. I'll have to save up some money to afford the navy military jacket or the 1940s style pilot jacket with sheepskin lining.
But did the hype bring the clothes out more? Looking at the comments that were posted throughout the duration of the show, it seems this was the first online fashion show for many people, who then said 'I love Burberry'. Well, if you love Burberry, why didn't you see the previous online show?
This was apparently the only show that Anna Wintour, editor of American Vogue, flew out for, and so immediately becomes a covetable show to watch. It makes you think how creative marketing can really make a brand stand out, even if the clothes aren't everyone's cup of tea. All Burberry need to watch out for is having everyone love them so much that they won't want to anymore.

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