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Online Fashion Week
Just when I was worried that I'd be in New York during London Fashion Week, the BFC announce that they will have a list of shows from Somerset House streaming live online.
'The Digital Schedule will launch Friday 19th February at London Fashion Week. This new initiative will bring together live streamed fashion shows and a selection of digitally presented fashion films created by some of London’s most innovative designers.'

It will be interesting to see how many New York Fashion Week shows will be live streamed so that when I'm in London I'll live stream NY and when in NY I'll live stream London!

You can catch it all here.

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  1. It's great that fashion film is becoming more of a mainstay- this kind of initiative must be a good thing for fashion shows in general.
    For more fashion film, check out this interactive exhibition at the Trafalgar Hotel at the start of fashion week: http://www.jotta.com/magazine/outabout/617/future-form-article