People Tree meets Emma Watson

Ethically Correct
Emma Watson is set to design for ethical clothing company People Tree, but will it catch on?
Emma Watson has recently shined in the fashion world due to her new relationship with Burberry, and so she's using the opportunity to prove she's aware of the earth. People Tree are one of many clothing companies that ensure they follow Fair Trade standards set by the World Fair Trade Organisation, and so having a celebrity like Miss Watson backing their campaign and designing for them should be enough to really get Fair Trade rolling. Although Fair Trade clothing is available, it won't have fully kicked off until other high street stores refuse to sell anything but. Unfortunately, there are apparently too many advantages to slave labour and chemical dyes.
Personally, I'm a little ignorant. When I think of saving the world I think a little closer to home; the landfills that are building up and the way the economy is going. The idea of throw away fashion is how, I think, best to approach the public. People need to know how their actions affect them, not other people, because generally, many people are selfish. Those who aren't buying Fair Trade are selfish. So how do you attack selfish people? Tell them they can't have something because it's not good for them, and they'll suffer later.
So basically, I'm all for buying something sustainable, that will last forever, still be in fashion, and won't end up as landfill... ever.

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