Asda 100 day guarantee

Buy it, wear it, take it back
Asda has taken an initiative to curb the 'Primark effect' of throwaway fashion by giving their clothes from George a 100 day quality guarantee.
Asda is confident enough in the quality of their clothing that they don't think the new plan will be taken advantage of, but they don't really mention the fashion side. Although fast trends aren't as quick as 100 days, what's stopping a woman buying a dress, wearing it, then taking it back? Although some would prefer it wasn't clothes from Asda, there are still some women who would do this. It's almost a rental service as well. If you've bought George clothing and you're a little strapped for cash, return that impulse buy from last month as it's a no quibble guarantee. It'll be interesting to see how successful this will be.

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