Louis Vuitton Autumn Winter 2010/11

Le Classique Vuitton

Bringing back a classical element of style, Louis Vuitton envisioned Grace Kelly travelling the big cities of Europe, beginning with Rome and ending in Paris. Beautifully placed around a fountain in the city of Paris, hemlines dropped, bows were put on shoes, handbags were hand-bags and hair was tied back into a simple pony tail. Now either the shoes were hard to walk in, or the only off putting thing about the show was the girls galloping and strutting like horses instead of gracefully dancing. I'm going to have to try and find myself a black velvet belt with gold buckle though.

"I'd rather embrace it than fight it" - Marc Jacobs on the digital takeover.
Marc Jacobs doesn't use twitter, facebook or any such sites personally, and when he talks about live streaming it seems as though it's not his idea. It's the same from last season really - it's a marketing ploy made by the company and Jacobs has seemed to have just said "I'm designing the clothes, I don't want it streamed, but I don't have a say, so do it so I can keep designing the clothes." I think Marc Jacob's own brand is going to be the only one that won't be live streaming his collection next season.

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