Milan Fashion Week

Milan Closing

I know I'm writing more about Dolce & Gabbana, but quite frankly other collections were simply boring. They all had the same plain wear just different colours. However Christopher Kane gets a mention for the Versus collection: thank God someone decided to add bright colour for Autumn Winter 2010/11 - I was dreading a dull Winter this year.

Anyway, back to Dolce & Gabbana -

First watch this video

Then watch this one

I've had a look around and it seems as though Dolce & Gabbana is the first to live stream their show from the iPhone. Not only is the fashion show becoming more accessible to everyone via the Internet, but now it's available while out and about. However, how convenient is it? I guess those with an iPhone can take up to an hour out of their working day for lunch/coffee and instead of chatting with anyone pull out their iPhone like a fashion obsessed hermit and watch the show, but seriously, if you've got the time to do that you've got the time to eat lunch infront of a large screen computer and watch it at dolceandgabbana.com, don't you? This just seems to me to be advancing for the sake of advancing. Stefano and Domenico want to be a step ahead, even if that step ahead isn't really useful to them. Don't get me wrong, if I had an iPhone I'd be watching it on that as well as on my laptop because I'm that much of a fashion hermit, but in terms of watching I'd prefer a larger screen.
This is how Burberry got it right, through going bigger, not smaller, by broadcasting their Winter 2011 show in 3D in cinemas around the world.

But anyway, back to the show. Although there were beautiful pieces throughout, what interested me was the parade of suits that came down the catwalk at the end. The film noir of the making of at the beginning hinted at the skill in tailoring that Dolce & Gabbana use to embody their Sicilian woman, but there is irony in their working.

When you see this parade of powerful women in subtly different jackets wearing either silk pants or lace shorts and simple court shoes, you think wow, that's who I want to be, part of the pack of beautiful, strong women. I mean, give them red lipstick and it's the Robert Palmer video. The irony, however, is that this parade of powerful, beautiful women are in fact wearing suit jackets - clothing originally designed for men. Is this how feminism comes about in the 21st century? Through wearing men's clothing and pulling it off better? I hope so.

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