Beta Burlesque

Better Beta
Garry Lace, an advertising executive, teamed up on 1 May with Robert Campbell, a co-founder of WPP-owned RKCR/Y&R. Together they have created the ad agency (Beta).
Yesterday they brought out some Christmas cheer by locking up three burlesque dancers, two women one man, in glass boxes above Carnaby Street. I've walked past these boxes before, and have always thought they were unique and needed something to Jazz them up, and Beta's Burlesque was that thing. The dancers were accompanied by a brass band and the public were served minced pies. Watch the video below and you'll see how many stopped to watch the sexy dancers!

Beta Christmas Burlesque from Malcolm Green on Vimeo.

Apparently the entire streetcame to a halt to watch the dancers, so it's a great publicity stunt, my only concern is the reasons behind it. I had to try and search what (Beta) was after finding out about it, and it was a bit harder than it should be. Although I understand that they are new, beta is a very common word that means a lot, so you basically had to be there to know about the brand. Perhaps this agency should have put something online at the same time, their website hasn't even been set up yet. This means that those who watched the Burlesque show, who wanted to continue contact with the brand, couldn't.

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