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Find new places to shop, learn ways to save money, see where celebrities shop and go behind the scenes of online fashion stores.
"The Online Fashion Agency is the UK’s expert resource on fashion websites, founded by online fashion retail consultant Leon Bailey-Green. We provide industry news and consumer shopping tips, alongside consultancy services to businesses operating in online fashion. Our launch partners are Amethyst Group (providers of warehousing, logistics and e-fulfilment to fashion companies) and specialists in media and retail law, Olswang. We’re also supported by Fashshot.com, the UK’s largest fashion e-commerce photography company."
The reason why this online agency seems a little different is due to it having business information as well as consumer information. The Shopper's Counsel section seems to be very similar to something a lifestyle magazine would put on their website, with tips on how to save money, places to shop, celebrity shopping habits and behind the scenes looks. It then also has pages dedicated to the fashion talented, with interviews made by the founder Leon Bailey-Green. It then takes a page out of Draper's site and has industry news and information for businesses. Are they stretching themselves too thin attempting to have a site appealing to so many? I think not. They believe in equals, and so it doesn't matter who you are or how high up in the chain you are, you can come to this website for information. It seems they have only begun in November 2009, yet they have enough information free flowing, and it will be interesting to see how often they update. I wonder what their customer demographic is like? It seems their news stories are similar to mine and similar to http://www.leonbaileygreen.com

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