Make do & Mend Christmas

A Recessive Christmas
It seems that regardless of people believing we're heading out of the recession and average christmas gift shopping is at £358 according to a recent report, the items being bought show that people are still making and mending.
Tesco sewing machine for £68.27.
Tesco's sale of sewing machines is at an all time high, so they're either being bought to make presents or be given as presents for the new hobbies that are coming about. I've always thought it was nicer to make people presents as it seemed like it came from the heart more. Even sales of shoulder pads has risen, with John Lewis selling out of their £1.35 for a pair packs. Jo Hooper, head of womenswear buying, says, ‘Women stack multiple pairs in anything from cashmere sweaters to jackets. Extreme shoulders can take up to four pads each side.’ Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-1232401/Fashion-life-Make-pretend-Balmain.html#ixzz0ZaMcVucP

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