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On the Contrary
Here's a snippet from the Telegraph by Olivia Bergin:

Topshop designer collaborations for 2010

Can't face battling it out for a designer bargain on Boxing Day? Then wait for the mini-collections from London Fashion Week designers to drop in the new year

Left: Slashed jersey-dress by Ann-Sofie Back, £70. Centre: Jersey studded jacket and gold wedges, both £150, by Ashish. Right: Denim pencil skirt, £50 and cropped top, £40, by Jonathan Saunders

The turkey and stuffing might not quite be digested by the time bargain-hungry shoppers prepare to raid the sale rails this Boxing Day, but while the idea of a designer must-have selling at a knocked-down price sounds great in theory, the treacherous and busy road to sales glory is less appealing.

A clever way of buying into designer territory, though, is to hold firmly on to that stash of Christmas cash and to wait patiently for the next instalment of Topshop’s London Fashion Week designer collaborations.

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What interests me is how she comments saying "while the idea of a designer must-have selling at a knocked-down price sounds great in theory..." Is the only thing bad about something like that the fact that everyone wants it so there's a queue? What about shopping online? Doesn't that make things easier?

She is intentionally attempting to persuade shoppers to not buy designer, even at a low price, and instead buy, pretty much, fake designer. It's been designed by a high end designer like Jonathan Saunders, then reproduced by a different manufacturer. The only difference is the permission. As far as I'm concerned, if you can save your money from the sales to save up for one of the Topshop designer collaboration pieces, you might as well keep saving for the real thing; the quality would last you longer.

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  1. Completely agree. Although you can buy into a designer's aesthetic with these ranges, the quality is just not there. I would rather buy a well-made skirt for £50 in the sales than £50 at high street quality even if it's by a name I like. The only time I have bought a designer-for-high-street piece and thought it was worth it was my Comme/H&M cardigan which has served me well.