Brands on Facebook

Are you a fan?

Brand Republic have recently done a few street interviews on how brands put up pages on Facebook for social networkers to become fans. Here are their results:

So Facebook fan pages aren't really key for many members, unless it's maybe music. Knowing that this is only a select few people and so cannot be completely definitive, it's interesting to think that brands believe the next step is to get involved with social networking sites, but are there really people interested? It could be said that being a fan of something on Facebook doesn't necessarily get you anything. All it does is say to your friends what drink you like to have, what brand you like but don't even necessarily own. Are people beginning to get fed up with all the extra applications on Facebook? I for one get annoyed when I see all these silly farm, blackjack and aquarium things that, really, mean nothing in life except "I have too much free time on my hands."

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