Word of the year: TWITTER

The word of the year has been voted, according to the Marie Claire article published today. Texas-based algorithms company the Global Language Monitor (GLM) crowned Twitter the winner, with Barack Obama coming second and H1N1 coming third, the chemical formula for Swine Flu.
"Paul JJ Payack, president of the firm, said that it shows ‘how big Twitter is globally'. The site has been at the centre of several debates in the past year, including acting as a rallying point for protests against the Iranian election results and the controversial Daily Mail article by Jan Moir.

Marie Claire.com

So how has it become so popular? I rarely use it because I don't follow many people, but there are plenty of news stories about celebrities using it and even the President having an account. The result is surprising considering the death of Michael Jackson and the popularity of Twilight & True Blood putting Vampire at 5th. I have to say I really didn't think it would become more popular than Facebook considering it is only a status update to the fb world. Perhaps Facebook is too much hassle for the Twitterers? At least I'm not the only one surprised.

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