Internet or Store?

Are we Embarrassed?

Interesting question, (with feedback much appreciated):

Are we embarrassed to go into designer stores?

I was having a conversation with a fashion journalist student asking her whether she owns anything designer, and asked her which would she prefer; to buy online or in store when buying designer. He first answer was, it depends on how much I'd be saving, then I realised something: the UK is so different from the rest of the world.

The latest 'designer' item i'd bought was online at koodos.com, and it was a juicy couture top. It had me thinking, surely I would prefer to go into Juicy Couture in Selfridges and buy it myself in person? But it's not the case anymore. I think it's reached a point where people are embarrassed when they can't afford anything. Unless you really buy into the lifestyle, you are treated as the one who can't afford 90% of the store's products and you're only in a designer store for your graduation present. It's a strange attitude you get when you're in a store where you can't afford anything. You get some really confident people who don't care what other people (who know they can't afford) think, because they can't do anything about it. Then you get people like me who will pick up something they really like, look at the price, then just chuck it down like it's suddenly the worst thing in my hand, and then those that are too shy to bother going somewhere they know has things they can't afford. They either walk in, see the assistants and think, no, I don't belong, or you get those who think, there's really no point in me wasting my time. Are there any other attitudes from those who can't afford?

Image of Rome's Gucci store interior from EclecticAvenue

Rome: Prada store & Gucci store - I was trying on everything, with no money to buy, and loved everything. I wore a pink t-shirt and ripped shorts, aged 14 I think.

Venice: Wearing, again, ripped shorts and almost see-through top, walked straight into Gucci with my mum and tried on more shoes. No intention to buy, I was 19 I think.

London: David and Victoria Beckham are in Chanel, so the security guards are out. Have a little gander, walk away.

And this is why I buy online: I can look at the price without having to fish for the label and pretend to still be interested for 10 more seconds to make it seem like it wasn't the price that put me off. I can actually sort it to show price ascending so I can look at what's realistically in my price range, and I can actually buy something without having to worry about the fact that it's the cheapest thing available and that's why I'm buying it, and no one will ever know.

But is it only our generation?
Are we so stuck in keeping ourselves behind a keyboard and computer screen that it's a preference? Do we really want to keep ourselves hidden away in a place where we can control what other people are seeing about ourselves, to avoid real life disappointment and shame?

I would also like to point out the amazingly ignorant, arrogance that designer labels have whenever you try and talk to them. If only I spoke fluent French I could ask the France offices, who I'm sure would be more willing.