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“My gut feeling is that fashion has stopped being so elitist. People have learnt that fashion can be a multimillion-pound business, and with that you have to have a certain approachability. That ivory tower of the designer in Paris definitely seems to have dissipated.” Katie Grand
Stylist Katie Grand
Gemma Soames's article for The Times Online talks about how the next female ambition is to be a fashion stylist. From wanting to be an air hostess, to a model, to a businesswoman, the next step is apparently being Rachel Zoe. So why is this the new goal profession based around the fashion industry? Are we suddenly so obsessed with our own fashion that we're determined to have an affect on everyone elses?
Stylist Rachel Zoe

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Applications for styling courses have doubled, and it seems the emergence of 'TV stylists' like Gok Wan have made those little girls watching either think "I want to do that" or "I can do better". In my opinion, if you think the former, you really don't know what it entails, and if you think the latter, you're either delusional or you'll actually make it, but those already in the industry will be the ones to decide.

The emergence of online sites that let you style your own wardrobe and , and the Nintendo DS 'Style Boutique' have created a very fashion led Britain who are much more aware of what they look like and what others look like, and aren't afraid to comment on it.

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