The Noughties

Final day of the decade
So during every decade there's a certain specified style that has come about, which everyone has pretty much stuck to. Not so true, however, for the 00's.

Trends have been very wish-washy, and there have been so many of them that not everyone had adopted them. There have also been many trend revivals, with boho 70s and shoulder pad 80s. Are there any defining styles to the noughties? Or have we just had so many that we have to define the decade as trendfully trendless?

There have been so many fleeting fashion trends it's difficult to realise, at this point anyway, which ones could possibly define our decade. I personally believe it's just a decade of "wear the fuck what you want, if you're young you can pull it off, if you're old you just shouldn't, and if you're in the middle, you'd better think about whether you can or not..."
Think about thigh high boots for example, some attempted, some succeeded, others just steered clear.
Then the whole skinny jeans look. It took me a while to get out of bootcut jeans and finally try on a pair, then it took a month before I actually started buying them.
But huge sunglasses (thanks to the likes of Nicole Richie) are gradually being replaced by Ray Bans thanks to their appearance in Hollywood.Are celebrities to blame? Fashion junkies like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and even to some extent Cheryl Cole have made the world that little bit more aware of fashion and designers. With the rise of ASOS and their "as seen on" items, are we really only influenced by celebrities? Can even Michelle Obama be considered a celebrity in this way? Bloggers and their style pages are one example of how it's not all about celebrities, and the popularity of magazines such as Look and Grazia among the general public over high end luxury magazines are showing that people are more interested in buying and wearing fashion than just learning about it from magazines or celebrities.
We've all been encouraged to create our own style, but the way we find it is still not as independent as it could be; we're still under influence.

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