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Boxing Day Brit Billions
The Daily Star has published an article claiming that the British public are set to 'waste' £4 billion in the sales, but how is it such a waste? Apparently bargain hunters will spend up to £85 (but how much are they saving) each, but have 10% of their clothes in their wardrobes with the tags still on. Are we really so careless with our buying?

Psychologist Dr Cecilia d’Felice said: “Everyone loves a bargain, but how much do they really cost us? “Our purchases are soon discarded as it is not the items that fulfil us, it is the more complex ‘chase and kill’ that gives us the emotional adrenaline rush and endorphin high that we crave.”

The article by Gemma Wheatley has also stated that this year's sales are more popular than last year, despite the recession.

What interests me is the '10% of clothes still having tags'. Well, either I don't have many clothes or mine is more like 1%. I supposed I'm not one to waste clothes - I buy quite sensibly and only buy something I'm sure to wear.
The 'chase and kill' theory is pretty spot on with women and bargains. I'm not too sure about men, but it's definitely true with women. We want to think we've got the best deal and spent the least money and got more, regardless of how much we're still paying and regardless of the item itself. I always think to myself, if it were full price would I buy it? If the only issue about it is the full price, then I'll get it. I'm pretty tame when it comes to buying clothes, but then I don't want my wardrobe filled with clothes I'll just throw away.

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