Bargain? Really?
The Daily Mail has published an A-Z list of Christmas Fashion Sales (Read Here) and it's made me wonder, do we really care about the price, or just the bargain?
Glitzy jacket, was £945; now £661.50, Sonia Rykiel at net-aporter.com.
Most of the items on the list are designer, and down from £1,000 to £500. Is that really a bargain to get a jacket for £500? Just because of the designer, it doesn't mean we're not able to buy a jacket for £100 instead. I'm not putting off buying designer, if I had the money I most definitely would buy all these items, but should consumers really be saying price is an issue when they're still willing to pay for much for a product, just because it's a bargain? My mum would always buy designer clothing in the sales and say to my dad, "I saved you £400 today." However, he did end up losing £500 from her purchases. So if we really want a bargain, is it just from buying cheap clothes? Or is it from getting something for less than it should be?

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