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SHOWstudio's latest live project is 100 portraits by Nick Knight. Yesterday he was photographing Kate Moss, and today he was snapping away at the likes of Hussein Chalayan, menswear designer James Long, and next up as I type is Susie Bubble. They have been shooting since 11am, and the line up is as follows:

Nick Knight shoots 100 Portraits for i-D magazine. Todays sitters include Aitor Throup, Anna Trevelyan and Kez Glozier, Bella Freud, Bishi, Cerith Wyn Evans, Fergus Henderson, Georgia Jagger, Hanna Hanra, Hussein Chalayan, James Long, Lara Stone, Pam Hogg, Patrick Wolf, Sadie Coles, Simon Foxton, Susie Bubble, Val Garland

I should probably be shot for not knowing who some of these people are, so I'm going to find out

Aitor Throup - Menswear designer & Illustrator
Anna Trevelyan - blogger: annatrevelyan.blogspot.com/
Kez Glozier - Illustrator
Bella Freud - Fashion designer
Bishi -singer & DJ
Cerith Wyn Evans - Conceptual artist, sculptor and film-maker
Fergus Henderson - Chef
Georgia Jagger - Model
Hanna Hanra - DJ & writer
Hussein Chalayan - Designer
James Long - Menswear designer
Lara Stone - Model
Pam Hogg - Designer
Patrick Wolf - Musician
Sadie Coles - Founder: Sadie Coles Art Gallery
Simon Foxton - Stylist
Susie Bubble - Blogger: stylebubble.typepad.com/
Val Garland - Make-up artist

So the shoot is for i-D magazine, and it will be interesting to see which issue they'd be in, probably March issue, but what's more interesting is my sudden interpretation of Nick Knight. I've always loved his work, his end results, and how he's constantly working and getting involved, but for some reason I expected more from him when watching him as a photographer during the shoots. It's interesting showing him working live, because you really do get a sense of what he does, and it seems quite uninspired to be honest. His direction is a little slow to come about, as it takes a while for him to realise what he wants. Perhaps this is because he doesn't even have time to plan shoots anymore. However when he does get into it, he becomes such a perfectionist saying "move your left arm a fraction of an inch to higher, with your elbow towards me, shift your chin 2cm down and flick your hair" etc. It's incredible!

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