Lara Stone

Did You Hear?

Lara stone is fast becoming a well known name in the fashion industry, and how now replaced Madonna as the face of Louis Vuitton. It's always a nightmare to be replaced by someone younger, especially since Madonna attempts to uphold her young facade. But Lara Stone, I believe, is the new answer to the size zero debate. He weight is not a health issue, and that's why she's so popular. She's not the average size, but she is healthy. Hopefully she won't do a Sophie Dahl and become a size 6 soon.
Whenever designers try to tackle the size zero debate, they do a Jean Paul Gaultier and put a size 20 on the catwalk, almost to make a mockery of what people are actually protesting about. Then there's Mark Fast, who's Canadian stylist walked out from being unable to cope with normal sized women. He, obviously, found it a mockery. And then Lara Stone comes along. Not size zero, not size 20, but instead a healthy size 8-10. She even has a very averaged sized gap tooth. She's been loved by Vogue and Prada, and Marc Jacobs, friend of Madonna, has hand picked her for the latest Spring Summer 2010 campaign.

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