Art of the Trench

It has been Launched

Wearing a trench? I guess you'd better run around the streets of London trying to find Scott Schuman to take a photo for Art of the Trench by Burberry. Either that or you can take a photo of your own trench... and pretend it's Burberry if you don't own one.
It's interesting that they've created such a site that stops anyone from being on it unless they own a Burberry trench; it's like how Facebook first started when it was only accessible using a university email address. But why, I ask, have Burberry created such an exclusive site you can only look at and comment unless you own, not an item by Burberry, but a Trench by Burberry, when they were the ones who invited us in to watch their SS10 show? I think it's because they've drawn us in as a special brand, but to really be in with the it crowd you have to buy a trench. It's no facebook or twitter, and functions more like a restricted I like my style.net but it's something to look at if you're bored. Apart from that, if you're not on it, it doesn't help you... whatsoever. How useful.


Do you know what? I bet I'd change my tune if I actually owned a Burberry Trench and I was up on the site after being photographed by the Satorialist's Scott Schuman. I'd be raving to the world, look! look! I'm up on the site! Aren't I elite! Is it worth buying a Burberry coat JUST to get on the site? Not for me, maybe for some. I'd rather buy the coat because I could afford such a luxury. Still, even if I were up there and telling my friends to find me, I'd still think, huh, this still isn't that useful.

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