High Street Concessions

Concessions, Concessions, Concessions.

Sonia Rykiel's lingerie collection for H&M has been gathering press recently after the success of Jimmy Choo for H&M, but will it match up?

I missed the H&M underwear collections when they went away from my local store. Apparently they weren't selling enough due to an Ann Summers opening up. Who made that decision? I barely see anyone in Ann Summers anymore, and H&M was cheap lingerie. It was also a style and fit that would fit anyone, you just needed to pick a style, and it was better quality than the Primark lingerie that breaks in the wash.

Jimmy Choo for H&M kept the same quality by using their Europe factory as the creator to retain the quality of their usual collections. So how on earth did they keep the price down? I've asked them, and I'm waiting for their reply, but it seems as though Jimmy Choo has decided to spend money to make money. And boy did they make it. Tamara Mellon is my idol, I absolutely love her. I want to be her and look like her and have her boyfriend (Christian Slater). She was recently faced with a boardroom of businessmen who wanted to get rid of her, so she came up with a game plan and has completely changed the business around for the better. But where have the Sonia Rykiel lingerie pieces been created? With their usual factory or using H&M's?
Topshop has their Kate Moss creations made in the same factory in Monaco as the rest of Topshop's items, so how does it account to be more expensive? The quality is no better, it's just designed by a model, not even a designer. So why are so many sucked into her collections? Her first collection was a let down, yes, but her recent ones have been better. Has she created a lingerie collection to compete with Sonia Rykiel for H&M?
We all know why high street concessions are so popular; because for a little extra money we can get a little hint of designer style. But apparently, we're willing to sacrifice quality to get that style. This is true with Primark for example, you really do get what you pay for in quality, even if you're getting more for your money in style. Perhaps this is why Jimmy Choo was so popular; because they kept the quality and sold it for cheap. Maybe this is why people buy designer and know designer, but they're put off by something else.

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