Chanel sued

Did you copy me Chanel?

Carmen Colle, head of textile enterprise World Tricot, is in persuit of suing Chanel for first rejecting one of her crocheted samples, then producing a jacket with a reproduced version. Colle's company hires immigrant workers to give them steady jobs, but since her upheaval with Chanel has had a loss of interest from large name Haute Couture companies. WWD has reported on this issue, but you can read about it here by the Telegraph.
Carmen Colle
I can see the reasons behind her standing her ground, but she must have known that Chanel would sue her company for tarnishing their name? There have been many articles about the people behind the creation of such houses, and having worked in one myself, you come to terms with the fact that the designer gets all the credit. Not anymore, however, as 'the little guy' is standing up. People these days are feeling more confident and want to be credited for creating something someone else has used. Fake reproductions is something Chanel is strongly against, so it would be surprising if the verdict on the 11th December turned out that they had admitted to stealing the crocheted fabric. If they do win, however, World Tricot will be ruined. The actions of this woman, the fashion house and the morals behind it all are so different to what would have happened 50 years ago.

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