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Miss Selfridge Christmas Collection

Just found a great new flash site from Miss Selfridge promoting their Christmas Collection. I remember a while ago answering a survey they had created to get a discount, and it basically asked which online stores do I shop on and why. I chose ASOS.com, and said it was because of being able to see the clothes on models, not just on a mannequin or a hanger. Being able to see how it moved as well was important. So they have now picked themselves up and created something more for the online world.

The site shows you a catwalk preview of the item, a video of the close up details which plays once the mouse rolls over, as well as the simple view of the item, as well as what to wear with it. Ok, so it's pretty much ASOS.com, but it seems like it's carried out much better. The catwalk image looks like a still painting that suddenly moves, which is kind of shocking at first sight, but then you realise it's like it's being paraded infront of you as if you're a buyer for Browns choosing the next selection of clothes. You can even instruct the model to walk up and down again or tell her to turn around. It's great for giving power to the buyer, it makes them feel part of it.
Admittedly the video window seems a little naff in the way it's been put together; it seems more like an after-thought with it's plain box and grey background behind the model. It would have been nicer to see something different, like have it a more artistic video with fading detail images, or something more like the cameramen backstage at catwalk shows with fast zooms etc.

When you click on the ordinary view of the item, it takes you back to the original website to do your ecommerce, and it's the same with the 'what to wear with it' boots. When 'Shop the Look' is clicked it goes to the shopping site again but shows the entire collection, rather than the look you're looking at.
When it comes to looking at a Christmas item that's not in stock yet, you can click to 'Register your interest.' It doesn't seem to say 'I'll tell you when this item is specifically in stock' it seems more like: 'I'm going to send you lots of emails letting you know when EVERY item is in stock, then you'll get fed up with me and not buy anything and unsubscribe.' Brands should realise that we all have specific tastes. Just because we're interested in one item doesn't mean we want everything else. I don't know anyone that's gone into Topshop and said "I want one of everything," even Phillip Green's daughter wouldn't.
Although there are a few kinks in the overall design according to my tastes, it's still an innovative site, especially due to the catwalk model you can boss about.

Click to View Miss Selfridge site

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