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The shoot was quite interesting, it was a lot more complex than with the previous shoots on SHOWstudio live, mainly because it's for Vogue so they needed to step up their game. The tree in the background looks beautiful, when it moves it looks spectacular. It's a shame that everyone, including Vogue, loves crisp clean photographs (when you hear them talking in the live online feed they keep saying sharp, clean cut branches) because it would have been such a sight to have a still model with the branches blurred in motion around her.
The clothing reminds me of the kind of clothing they wear in Nepal and Russia with fur gloves, but the Mohawk hair gives it a more modern edge. All the outfits have been customised by leading fashion designers (it would have been nice to know which ones during the live feed, all I heard was Givenchy) and will be later sold on auction to benefit "The Naked Heart Foundation," a charity that builds and runs playgrounds for disadvantaged children.

Knight's commentary throughout the shoot with the model is quite average for such a notable photographer: "Yes, good, ok, move that light that way, yes, that's good, hold it, move that branch there are weird shadows, good, hold it, yes."

After the first outfit shoot
Finally! Just as I'm typing this I hear Nick Knight saying, do a profile shot (above), it's exactly what I wanted to see as soon as I saw the Mohawk. It's predictable, and obvious to do a profile, but with the tree alight behind it gives such a creative glow behind her.
They should allow comments below like they did for Burberry, with someone looking to see if anyone can contribute.
One thing that is a little annoying about the shoot is that it's the same background, same poses, just different clothes. If it's supposed to be a fairytale fantasy, they should have used the tree much better, why not have her sitting beneath it? It every shot she's in the middle of it. Where's the creative variation? I guess we'll have to see in Vogue when it comes out, what issue will they be working on now? December should have already been done, January? February? It's good publicity really; everyone watching is boosting the website visits on SHOWstudio.com, and all the people watching will then buy Vogue to see what the end result is to the process. They should put all the photos they took online and let the public choose which ones they like best to put in the issue. Then people would really feel like they've been a part of the process.

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