What Now?

So I've been researching for months now, and what's on here isn't the half of it. But where has it got me? Really, by researching everything, I felt there were so many directions to go in, and every day I had a new idea of what I wanted to focus on. But I've done enough research now, I need to develop and experiment.
I know now after all this research that I want to look into technology and how it's supposed to help us, or at least make us believe it's helping us, and how the fashion industry uses this tool. I've watched all the online shows and felt a part of the process, (even though the shows are now playing on ftv), but it was the fact it was live that has helped me to focus my research. I've contacted some other bloggers who reviewed the Burberry and Louis Vuitton shows (the most likely ones to have seen) and I've asked whether they watched the shows online and if they own any products by the brand. This will help me to understand who's really interested in fashion using technology. Two people I'd asked had attended the Burberry show, and so I changed to question to, if you had a choice, would you go or watch it online. It's pretty obvious what the answer will be, but I want to know whether these are real customers of Burberry or consumers. By consumers I mean someone who's interested in the brand and consumes their identity but don't buy from the product line mainly due to the price of high end luxury.
I need to find out who to aim technology and fashion to by finding out who's really interested. What's their age range? What brands do they like? How often they buy technology and fashion and how often they're interested in it without purchasing anything.
I'll have to try to develop a concept at this point, so although I'll keep putting research up here, there will be some development of ideas on it too. As well as a journal of how stressful third year actually is.

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