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Nick Knight for Vogue, 5-6 Nov

Allowing the public a unique insight into the workings of the photographic studio, this Live Studio space will be used each week by world-renowned fashion image-makers, including Jason Evans, Shona Heath and Simon Foxton, to shoot fashion editorial, portraits and film. The ultimate in tantalising voyeurism, a two-way mirror allows the audience to observe unseen from the exhibition space, while the action is also simultaneously broadcast live on SHOWstudio.com

Included in the live programe of shoots is 100 Portraits, a special project initiated by Nick Knight. Between 1-20 December 2009, Knight will photograph 100 of London's Beau Monde—including models, actors, musicians, and artists. The portraits from each session will be displayed in a gallery adjacent to the Live Studio and in an upcoming issue of i-D magazine.

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This, I will look forward to, as long as it doesn't shut down after 20 seconds because everyone is watching it...ahem...McQueen. It was first pointed out to me by Leah, who was upset she couldn't go because she wasn't in London. Ah the power of the Internet, how it will make life easier. Now the entire shoot can be watched from home. It was nice seeing it in The September Issue, and I have been watching the Live shoots taking place on SHOWstudio.com, but what do we love about it? Is it the fact that whenever we do view this 'behind the scenes' photoshoot preview is something many of us will never see? If you think about the people who are interested in viewing the behind the scenes photoshoot, most of them will have already seen it all before. Patrick Demarchelier is a photographer that you love to watch work, because he has many extraordinary on the spot creative ideas. Nick Knight, we will see.

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