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Latest Fashion news from Vogue Newsletter, November 4th:

Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker, among others, have been given the task to bring attention to education, cultural diplomacy and economical development through the arts alongside President Obama
A great idea, why not make it global? What about the UK's latest efforts made by The British Fashion Council and Vogue to support Britiain's young design talent? They always help the fashion designers, not us marketers. They, along with Central Saint Martins, have had enough help, help out the little guys! In every other subject they do, maths, English etc, they all help out the little guy who's struggling. What happened to equality?

Henry Holland is a designer for Debenhams
It doesn't really seem like his sort of style. I think this is a ploy by Debenhams to bring in a younger crowd to their stores. It will be like when H&M have guest designers, everyone will go in for it, but won't shop around.

GUCCI Group is joining forces with Rainforest Action Network to implement an Indonesian rainforest-saving paper policy. (Jessica Bumpus)
They're trying bless'em, they want to do anything they can to stand out, and it's really great trying to make themselves better in terms of carbon footprint, mainly because all brands will try to follow, creating a better future for the children (who will hopefully buy Gucci), but it's a marketing ploy, obviously. They barely use paper, especially since they're making everything digital with their iPhone applications and social networking site. I guess it just means the paper price tag will be made from metal, and another thing you'll have to pay for. Oh well, at least the amount you spent will be a constant, engraved reminder.

Macmillan Cancer Care has asked for shoes from Cindy Crawford, Kylie Minogue, Rod Stewart and Maria Grachvogel for an Auction this November to help the charity.
It's been done before hasn't it? It was more exciting when Coleen Rooney gave all her clothes to Oxfam.

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