Next stop, Selfridges & Co.
So after all the research I've done, primary and secondary, qualitative and quantitative, I need to actually observe those shopping designer. What better way in this cold weather than to do it in one place under one roof: Selfridges.
From my research I've found that most shoppers of designer are not under 25. Those who do shop designer are over this age with money to spare, but is that anyone at this stage of the recession? High street stores are becoming more popular due to gaining more customers who need to spend less on clothing but still want to shop and have a full wardrobe, while designer stores suffer by having barely any customers left due to high prices. Two things I need to find out in Selfridges:
1. Who's buying?
I will look at the upper level designer stores and lower level high street brands to see what sort of customers shop where, what age, profession, style, who they're with and who's buying (be it themselves, husband or mother).
2. Does designer rank over price?
Which is more popular? The designer brands or the high street brands? Why are those buying designer buying designer? Quality? Style? Label?

I will be visiting Selfridges & Co. London on Sunday the 29th of November and I'm hoping it will be busy for my research, and not busy so I can talk to individuals (and shop in peace!). Hopefully this trip will help finalise my research and support my findings for my final project.


  1. Oh there's a 20% of offer in Selfridges on selected brands, including the resort collections from Thursday - Sunday this weekend. I got sent some cards and I'm excited to go shopping. I personally go for designers and I'll definitely be getting something from Alexander Wang =). I think the price can be outrageous but the quality is better than high street brands.


  2. Let me know how it goes and what you end up buying! Which Selfridges are you off to? xx

  3. I live in Manchester, so I went to Selfridges in Exchange Square =P. I brought two Tatty Devine necklaces, Marc by Marc Jacobs chain bracelet, LNA lace tank top and some mac lipsticks and a bareMinerals blush. I didn't buy as much as I would have liked though! But you can see on my blog what I bought =P.


  4. What's the link to your blog? I'm getting the Marc by Marc Jacobs chain bracelet for my birthday! xx