Hooray Mouret


Roland Mouret's Galaxy dress pioneered in 2005 as the ultimate wear for femininity. Now you can have all that perfect shape under your favourite LBD or Christmas dress with the Power Mesh Dress, available in one colour, powder, and for sale at £270.

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An interesting idea from Mouret and Browns. Rather than advertising their dresses, they are trying to get people to update their wardrobe instead using the power mesh dress. So why are they? Perhaps they are realising that people who would wear the galaxy dress are less concerned with buying something new, and would prefer to have the shape applied to something they already own. It's fair to say you can't buy a Mouret dress for £270, so it is pretty much the next best thing to it, but you could also buy a Karen Millen dress that would hold the same shape and, perhaps, suit you better. But it's not for definite, there are some who would buy into this who don't want to give up their favourite dress, just want to make it something new. I'm surprised Marks & Spencers haven't done one yet.

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