Luella's Mis-aims

Luella's Bust

Liz Jones from the Daily Mail has claimed that the Luella fashion label has gone bust because it was unwearable snobbery
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Luella Spring Summer 2010
"Does my wardrobe contain anything by Luella Bartley? One of the bags she designed for Mulberry back in 2003, perhaps? No. Too many pockets and fiddly bits. One of her own Gisele bags? No. Far too expensive. A trouser suit covered in the alphabet? Oh dear God no."
Keep in mind that she's not exactly the youngest journalist, and the clothing is considered to be for a younger audience. Does it mean that the only women buying designer are those who will only buy classic wear? I for one loved most of Luella's collection, but can't afford it. Will my taste change when I'm older and can afford it? I'm sure. So no one was buying because the age range they were aiming at were too young to purchase it? And those with money are probably daddy's girls who buy Louis Vuitton over Luella. Maybe she should have done a high street line with Topshop, who are known to have recreated many of her prints before. Shame she didn't think of it before she went bust, her customers were just a high street store away. They would have at least been loyal when they did get money...

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