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Prada Made To Measure Shirts

I just had an email in my inbox from Prada telling me about made to measure shirts for men, offering over one million possibilities. The changes can be made in the collar, cuffs and fit, but more importantly the fabric. In order to cater for all types of men, Prada are diving into their archive of fabrics, including cashmere twill and micro chevron. The 'Vintage' collection they'd brought out from 2001 to 2008 will also be available, and you can even get initials embroidered.
I've heard the process takes four weeks after you've chosen your style, and it costs between £240 and £1,000. For Prada, that's pretty good value. For a shirt... maybe not. It'd be easier for the high street buyer to shop around until they find their perfect shirt. It still won't have the Prada label though. Definitely a service for dedicated fans of the brand, as well as those who have too much money (and 4 weeks) on their hands.

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