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Supermodel Designs

Claudia Schiffer to design her own collections: This is a name I can really trust, she's someone who is so genuine in everything she does, plus you know how many items of clothing she's really worn, and so knows designer quality. It's not like Miley Cyrus doing a collection, it's someone who's worked in fashion all her life. Below is when she visited my uni for GFW 2009.

Show And Tell

Gareth Pugh will be using SHOWstudio's Bruton Place shop from Friday, but it's not open to the public, you can only watch it online. Fair enough putting it online for everyone to see, but it defeats the purpose of being available to everyone if they're going to close the shop. He's not even hand-crafting something new, it's a recreation of one of his Spring Summer 2010 collection pieces. Why not do something new? Is it really that hard? I don't think this was constructed very well, it's just being fancy for no particular reason.

Welcome Baggage

Louis Vuitton raised nearly £500,000 for the Red Cross in their auction held at Sotheby's. They collaborated with Annie Leibovitz and Damien Hurst for the designs, but why didn't they do it in aid of the British Red Cross? Although the Nigerian Red Cross for Malnutrition is a worthy cause, I don't know why I expected it to be for the British. Has it been drilled into my head during the recession that we should be helping ourselves, rather than any other country? Even X-Factor and I'm A Celebrity are donating to UK based charities, and they're the most popular form of publicity.

Nicholas Coleridge CBE

Another honour from Buckingham Palace for the fashion industry; first the founder of Net-A-Porter, now the founder of Condé-Nast, head of Vogue and others. The fashion industry is on the rise, and with it being recognised as worth while by British Royalty, does it mean all of Britain will? My dad doesn't think they deserve it, because although they're raising the economy by selling, they're not loyal to Britain - they're in it for the money, that's why they started.

Gucci Film Confirmed

Is it just me or is the fashion industry just growing out of proportion? You would expect a film about Gandhi, the Queen and even George Bush, but fashion has never really seemed to make an impact in history on anything but... well... fashion. Coco Chanel's film starring Audrey Tatou was worth while because it explained her troubles, and she's someone that's continued after changing the fashion world, but did anyone who wasn't a woman interested in fashion actually pay to see it in the cinema? The September Issue was more realistic, they knew not many people would watch it so sent it to DVD after days in the cinema. Gucci? Really? It seems even from this Vogue article that the only hype about it is the rumours of Angelina Jolie starring in it. Do they really expect that having the public know more about the brand will increase sales? Or even the customer database? By putting Jolie in it and having Ridley Scott direct they're bringing in more fans to watch the film, but it would be interesting to see whether Coco Before Chanel raised sales for the luxury company. The film grossed $4.2 billion, but what about the brand?

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