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So I've been looking into fashion websites that offer more than just a product to sell, especially since viewing Miss Selfridge's new website. After looking at news articles on what's new I've found Covet.com. Ok it's an American site and only offers American products with high shipping costs to the UK, but it's a grand idea.

The website starts by asking you to choose between two images as to which one is more like your style. Once you click, it just keeps asking you to pick which one you like best. As you pick it will gather what you like and what you don't, and so will work out your style. You then click what size shoe, dress, top and trouser you are, and create an account for free. It will then tell you what your style is and will send you an email (you can choose how often) as to what you can buy that will suit your style.
This is a really innovative idea that Shopstyle.com should have thought up by now. Although Shopstyle.com is a very handy site (and you can select UK) it doesn't know your style. If you're looking for something specific like a pink cardigan between £0-£25, easy as pie, but if you want something new and don't know what's out there that will suit you, that's where Covet.com comes in. Don't worry, I've not been contacted to promote their website, I just think it's nice.


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