Dolce & Gabbana You Tube Channel

Dolce & Gabbana start a You Tube channel

I had first found out about this when I logged in to YouTube.com and found it advertising Dolce & Gabbana's video promoting the behind the scenes look at their Spring Summer 2010 collection this year. I'd found it strange that a high end brand such as Dolce & Gabbana would promote themselves on YouTube while others such as LVMH were banning their name anywhere but on their site and products. It just shows how D&G is willing for their audience to spring from YouTube as well as their current customers.
When I visited their channel it was interesting to see how they had personalised it completely to suit the brand, and had made it official to them, so that no one else can boast about having Dolce & Gabbana videos. Although the channel began a year ago, it has been a little off the radar until they began advertising it on the home page. At the moment though it's perfect timing considering the popularity of Fashion week this year.
Videos include campaigns, behind the scenes and catwalk shows.


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