Christopher Kane Gorilla Prints at Topshop

Why is it that the new commonplace for high end designers is in high street stores? Creating an affordable collection will bring in a younger generation into a more familiar relationship with the brand, and can create potential future customers, but why is it only some are doing it?

"the Gucci store had become one of the most important shopping places for wealthy customers from Italy and abroad. Flocking to his business in order to buy beautiful and highly innovative leather creations, people were willing to pay premium prices for quality goods made by expert craftsmen."
— Thomas Derdak; Updated by Arianna Dogil

There were rumours that the Gucci Group were planning to raise prices to bring a further fundamental quality to their products, and to help to shy away from those consumers who don't live the Gucci lifestyle, only save their money to buy a handbag a year. But why, in this recession, would they want to lose customers and sales? Could it be pride that forces them to believe they are better than the affects of a recession and that they will continue to have a strong customer database? Perhaps appealing to the younger generation is what should be done at this time in order for a brand to continue thriving.

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