TOPMAN Oxford Street Booth

New 2nd floor at Topman London Oxford Circus now open

Topman’s Oxford Street flagship store opens with the Topman Vespa Boys handing out thousands of gift cards around the capital

Topman logoLondon, UK ---- Men’s fashion store Topman London Oxford Circus has officially opened its doors (Thursday, 17 September 2009, at 09:00 am) after a massive refurbishment. The opening times for launch week are Monday to Saturday and 09:00 am to 21:00 pm and Sunday 11.30 am to 18:00 pm.

To celebrate the opening, Topman’s Vespa Boys, Noel, Michael, Jack and Danny have been handing out 5,000 free Topman gift cards since last Thursday. They donned the Vespa’s again yesterday with 10,000 more gift cards and will continue to hand them out each day until Sunday the 20th September 2009.Topman MORE image

The Vespa Boys will be focused around Carnaby Street, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and near the Topman store on Oxford Street. The @TopmanUK Twitter account will be updated regularly with their locations, activities and photographs at http://twitter.com/TopmanUK. Also, see the TopmanUK YouTube channel http://sn.im/topman-vespaboys-giftcards for an introduction to the Vespa Boys and what to look out for – and how to be a lucky recipient of over 10,000 gift keys being distributed.

The prizes can be claimed by slotting your key into the winning booth on the 2nd floor of the Oxford Circus store at 214 Oxford Street. The keys have a range of prizes, from 50% off hair cuts at the in-store SHARPS Barbers, £100 Topman gift cards to Topman limited edition wallets and t-shirts. Each person holding a gift card can see what they have won by entering it into the Key Booth.

The Topman Oxford Circus store has increased the floor space to a massive 23,000 square foot and will be the new home to all of Topman’s existing ranges and designer collaborations which include TM Design, Lens, the new high end Ltd range and also mainline collections from MAN designers James Long and Christopher Shannon. Topman gift card image

It also boasts a wide range of new additions and service points including a live DJ booth by Rough Trade, personal stylist, an EAT cafe with Wi-Fi access and Sharps barber & shop; making the new store on London’s Oxford Street a true menswear shopping emporium.

Keep up-to-date with all the activities of the Topman Oxford Circus Flagship store unveiling on the Topman Blog http://blog.topman.com, follow Topman on Twitter http://twitter.com/topmanUK, Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/topmanuk/ and YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/TopmanBlog for the most up-dates photographs of what is happening during and post-launch.


On the 20th of September my boyfriend and I were greeted at Topshop Oxford Circus with a key card. Obviously to celebrate the new 2nd menswear floor meant that the key card was given to my boyfriend, all women ignored. On the second floor we found a long queue, leading to what we assumed was the booth for the key card. Two assistants were putting the cards into the futuristic black booth, and a receipt printed out for each card. Although there were holes on the bottom we were unsure if the machine read the holes or was just printed at random.
Gifts included £5 off when you spend £30, £10 vouchers, t-shirts, bags, a cup of coffee from EAT or, the top prize, a £100 gift voucher. My boyfriend, the lucky guy he is, won the top prize.
All in all it was an experience worth queuing for that promoted the store to men, bringing in more customers and providing a better experience.

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