Marks & Spencer has creating a new 125 range, celebrating the 125 years of the brand by creating a range of clothing inspired by the vintage archive pieces . Back in May they held a Penny Bazaar where all main chains had items selling for a penny. Well, a penny was the minimum donation for each product (only 5 per person) but customers could offer more.
The full range of special commemorative products consisted of five different jewellery sets, scarves, purses and knickers; cufflinks, ties and socks; leather passport holders and leather luggage tags; tea towels and mugs; bags of retro sweets, cans of retro drink, beach toys, and beach balls. Every penny donated went towards the M&S 125 Charity Challenge, which aimed to raise £1.25m for local and regional charities between May and September 2009.
The collection of clothing seems more suited for the elder generation, but has some nice items. It seems a lot of archive collections are being created to prove tot he public 1. that they have an archive and 2. that their old clothes are just as good as new ones.

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