An antidote to last season

Well, still no word on why they'd chosen Facebook to show their latest collection, unless they were trying to be funny. Whether it was Marc Jacob's intention or not, I couldn't take the clothes seriously with those Annie afros! The shoes as well (not a high heel in sight) looked like little dogs running along the floor. Very, very cute!

Most of the shots are midriff as it was really the only close up shot of the bags, (if only we had those Alexander McQueen cameras) which were very similar to the bags I had in the 90s: Bum bags, sacks and little rucksacks. It was very playful, with short skirts and cycling shorts underneath resembling sportswear and the new subculture that opposes anything punk so switches to looking like they were out of Party of Five. Add some high tone colours, tassels, embellishment and check prints and you've got a Louis Vuitton collection.

One thing I really liked from the bags were the hanging fur (I forget what they're called) that look like a rabbit's foot, and long tassels on small bags. It made it look like the accessories on the bags were making them, and I can bet there'll be an increase in sales of their bag charms next year.

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