J'adore Dior

Christian Dior
Paris Spring Summer 2010 Collection

The 1930's and 40's played a part within the collection, with girls painted with bright red lipstick and waves in their hair, wearing their chic underwear on the outside. Anyone remember LA Confidential? Kim Basinger in that white silk dress in her cream chair.
Underwear has played a key role in the Spring Summer collections, especially in Milan, and Dior is one and the same. But this underwear has skipped from resembling the 90's to going right the way back to the 1920's with the short glittering dresses and tight stage show corsets resembling Chicago.
However, those silk pantyhose and over the ankle socks are a contemporary mix of old and young, bringing school girl to grandma. It's like coming home from primary school and trying on your grandmother's old nightgown.

But the long dresses are definately going to feature on the red carpet, maybe just a tad altered. The one above resembles the Jean Paul Gaultier that Marion Cotillard wore when she won her best female actress award for La Vie en Rose, the resemblance mainly lying with the similarity to a modern day mermaid with expensive taste.
Although blacks and whites were featured, the colours were mainly pastel, but some strong violet colours shone through black organza and silk, as well as some brightly coloured flowers. The theme was mainly dainty, and the sort of clothes you could wear heeled slippers with a fluffy bobble on the toe. These shoes, however, are very modern indeed.
Despite the fact that Vogue.com has such a strong magnifier that you can catch the hairs on the model's legs, the shoes are a great distraction on the mirrored floor. High, wedged, and with a straight down support under the heel and the 1920's style straps created from what looks like alligator skin paired with a shimmer grey sock are really what will be the focus for their accessories advertising.
I absolutely adore this dress; pairing lace with velvet, satin and sheer organza in the shape of a heart with a fish tail, and thigh high stockings visible beneath. I think we've found an alternative to the thigh high boots when it gets too warm: look sexy in barely anything. It's all about having sheer fabrics without the nudity.

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