Temperly Zoetrope

Temperley London Circus Zoetrope from LEGS on Vimeo.

Zoetrope by Temperly

To showcase her spring/summer 2010 Temperley London collection, Alice Temperley created a zoetrope installation inspired by the circus theme of her collection. Watch as a contortionist, ballet dancers and models show off the designs.

After watching the video of how this moves and how huge it really is, I thought it absolutely beautiful and ingenious to reflect the brand. It's the sort of thing you'd expect with Twenty8Twelve's first ever collection. The idea of brands incorporating technology is basically fast, fast, fast, advanced, advanced, advanced. This is something that used to be the pinpoint of technology and a highlight in the moving picture industry, and it's been brought back with finesse. It was shown at first at New York Fashion Week and then was moved to London Fashion Week. It has been made through a collaboration with Legs.

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