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ARMANI fans 'not impressed' with Megan Fox casting

October 17, 5:02 AM Entertainment News Examiner Ellen Cromanche

Fashionistas worldwide have been left unimpressed as 23-year-old Megan Fox brings to fruition plans to front high-end fashion line Armani for one full year. According to published reports, Fox will receive a six figure payment to pose in underwear for the fashion retailer, with further reports claiming the photos have already been shot and are waiting editing. Hours after the rumor was confirmed, fashion blogs begun dissecting the news and have reached a fashionable verdict.

They don't want her!

Fox, famous for leaning over a broken down Camero in the first Transformers flick and for learning over a motorcycle in the sequel hinted at the prospect some weeks ago, a rumor that caught fire on the internet. According to the now confirmed reports, the raven-haired star will appear in a series of print and billboard advertisements for the brand but will not be photographed with male spokesperson, Cristiano Ronaldo.

The actress, who refers to herself as 'not very stylish', is reportedly pleased with Armani's decision to bring her on board as celebrity spokeswoman.

However, the move has struck some bubbling controversy amongst the fashion crowd, with some claiming Fox is "not notable for being credible" and is somewhat undeserving of her fame, let alone a prestige celebrity endorsement.

Says one blogger, "How can Victoria Beckham, a globally known fashion icon, be replaced with someone who has no brains, no talent, no style and no respect? There are a million better picks than Megan Fox."

Others believe Fox' otherwise 'trashy' image will taint the sophistication and stylish appeal of the Armani brand and that although she is a popular choice, she may not be a suitable one.

Fans of the actress support her new endeavour, claiming the project may encourage the seriousness of her career, while others speak of it's counterpart, stating Fox does lack seriousness in her career and would be a more suitable spokesperson for 'target'.

Ouch. Perhaps unfairly judged?

Fox, who may be killed off in the upcoming Transformers installation for her unkind words about director Michael Bay has not yet commented on the news nor its backlash.

The Jennifer’s Body star should appear in campaigns for the brand in 2010.


I told you so I told you so I told you so, women don't like Megan Fox! And now it's not only because of her sex appeal, women don't like her so much that they say she's "undeserving of her fame" with "no brains, no talent, not style and" definitely "no respect". Hopefully she won't break down and cry like Lindsay Lohan did after the press hated her Ungaro show.
However, most of the trash talk about the trashy Fox has come from bloggers and the fashion crowd, which may or may not include the press who, undoubtedly, have to remain unbiased when reporting of the new face of Armani. Hopefully, and I mean hopefully, Megan Fox will be able to surprise us all, and do something more tasteful than her FHM shoot. After all, who'd 'av thunk it that Lily Allen would be the face of Chanel? Megan Fox is a character that appeals to men, and most fashionistas are women, so the success of the advertising may not be life-saving for Armani, especially if the current criticisms are so savage (but fair).

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